Monday, August 26, 2013

Album Review: "Man In Motion" by Warren Haynes

Another foray into the blues has to be made. Warren Haynes certainly fits that bill, so you're welcome?

His is a name that is bandied about by people who are not me along with his other band, Gov't Mule. Before getting this record though, you would have never heard me mention him before and had you mentioned him to me, I'd probably have dismissed it out of hand, because I was stupid.

Knowing that guitarists tend to enjoy Mr. Haynes's  music, there was some excitement in the offing for me. Though I really do love shredders, it's also very nice to hear some down home emotive leads, and Mr. Haynes has that in spades.

About 30 years ago, this would have been called a rhythm and blues record, but nowadays it's just electric blues. Warren is accompanied by what could be described as a multitude of musicians for this album.

This is another one of those solo albums where a musician has an idea and then uses a group of others to flesh it out. When it's the other way around, it seems like it's just a pop record to me. I've always preferred bands to solo artists and my favorite "solo" artists aren't in the strictest sense of the word.

If you're looking for something chock full of meaningful lyrics and poetry, you might be looking in the wrong place. If you're looking for soulful blues playing by the bucketload, you're probably looking in the right place.

But if you're looking for only guitars as the featured instrument, this isn't it. As previously stated, this is a band effort. So, yes there are bucketloads of soulful emotive guitars, followed by organ solos, sax solos, and brass solos as well. Warren does pour his heart and soul into his singing as well, there is just not as much of it as there is playing. That's something greatly appreciated by this author. The music is the important thing for me.

If you're cool with all of the things that have been posted, then you should enjoy this wonderfully emotional collection of songs that will make you feel ways about things.

Year: 2011
Genre: Blues

1) Man In Motion
2) River's Gonna Rise
3) Everyday Will Be Like A Holiday
4) Sick Of My Shadow
5) Your Wildest Dreams
6) On A Real Lonely Night
7) Hattiesburg Hustle
8) A Friend To You
9) Take A Bullet
10) Save Me

Please note, it takes him a bit to get to it on this video.....