Monday, November 25, 2013

"Old Sock" by Eric Clapton

Eric Clapton is a musical legend, but he's not a legend that's been long held in high regard by this guy right here. For some reason I felt drawn to listen to this album. Many people, while respecting Mr. Clapton's contribution to the world of music over the past five decades, seem to think that the old man has lost his way and no longer has any music to express.

Personally speaking, his solo material, though the most voluminous, is the least interesting to me. Per this man's opinion, Clapton works best when he's the guitarist who's working with other musicians that bruise his ego which forces him to let loose the staggering player he keeps hidden, but let's move on to his latest, "Old Sock." The cover struck me upon first sight. It's frankly a bit horrible. The old man and his greying beard along with a terrible, terrible vacation hat.

Well, this album could be judged by its cover from a certain point of view. It shows Eric on a beach looking rather contented with himself and that's what music is here on the record.

Though he's made his career on playing the blues, this album lacks that and feels like a man playing and singing songs he enjoys with his friends while sitting on the beach. Well, if that man were one considered to be one of the greatest guitarists of all time anyway.

The vast majority of this album, all save two songs, are covers that Clapton has enjoyed all of his life. The songs, like the cover, have a laid back vibe to them. They certainly do not feel over produced, over worked, or like they're dead  horses who "fell down the stairs." All of them  have a very flowing and naturalness to them that's pleasing to hear.

Whether or not a listener is going to truly enjoy this offering as it is though will all depend on what era of Eric Clapton they like the most. For myself, it's either the Bluesbreakers or Cream, and this record has absolutely nothing in common with that time of his life. These songs feel far more like "I Shot The Sherriff" and "After Midnight."

The swing, they breeze, but they don't melt faces.

Year: 2013
Genre: Rock

1) Further On Down The Road (Feat. Taj Mahal)
2) Angel (Feat. JJ Cale)
3) The Folks Who Live On The Hill
4) Gotta Get Over (Feat. Chaka Khan)
5) Till Your Well Runs Dry
6) All of Me (Feat. Paul McCartney)
7) Born To Lose
8) Still Got The Blues (Feat. Steve Winwood)
9) Goodnight Irene
10) Your One and Only Man
11) Every Little Thing
12) Our Love Is Here To Stay
13) No Sympathy

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  1. I like Clapton's music but I've never even heard of this album, I'll be giving it a listen, thanks!