Monday, August 25, 2014

Album Review: Casey Jack's Eponymous Debut

Casey Jack
Are you aware that I reside in St. Louis, Mo? Hopefully, my readership is larger than my metro area and that everyone who's just read that didn't think, well duh, yeah....we all knew that, anyway...moving on.

Well, the object of today's review is from my home state of Missouri, but on the far southwestern end of it, Springfield, Mo.

Springfield is about four hours down Interstate 44 from where I live. It's a nice little town in that corner of the state. My mother lived in Springfield for a time.

I've been down there a few times. I intended on getting out there soon to catch a Springfield Cardinals AA minor league baseball game. Beyond my couple times down there, I don't really know a whole lot about the area and I certainly have no concept of the music scene, but today, we get a sneak peak into their scene, with Springfield's own, Casey Jack.

The Casey Jack
Well, a quick glance over at the man in question should give you a pretty good idea as to what the music is like, as would the cover of the record.

The music starts off high octane and takes it back here and there from time to time, but all in all it's a rollicking album.

The guitars, the drums, the vocals, it all adds up to a great time.

The guitars range from crunchy and powerful to sensitive arpeggios and emotive Pink Floyd styled solos.

Low gain and jangly open chords are combined with high gain power chords to create a visceral and properly modern sounding rock record.

The drums are the nerve center of the music. Rhythmic and powerful. Like the guitars, they have significant amounts of range.

The vocals sound like he's in pain at all times and it just fits the music delightfully. This album has it all from top to bottom: hard rock, sensitive ballads, and barely controlled chaos all the way through.

It always feels like the album is on the edge of the cliff and it might fall over, but it never does and the result is glorious.

Release: 8/26/14
Genre: Rock, Modern Rock
Label: Rough Beast Records
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