Friday, August 1, 2014

Album Review: "System Subversion" by Methedras

System Subversion
For today's album of record, we're reviewing the latest release by Italy's Mathedras, System Subversion.

Originally formed in 1999, Mathedras has released three other albums preceding this album: 2009's Katarsis, 2006's The Worst Within, and 2004's Recursive.

So, it has been five year since these death thrashers (as they so succinctly put it) have put out any new music.

They took a break after the release and tour for their Katarsis record, but now they are back, seeking interested labels, and they're ready to get the death machine rolling again.

Thankfully, the time off has not slowed them down, softened them up, or caused them to have mellowed out in any way, shape, or form.

As the album begins, the metal discharges from the speakers as though Olympus itself is being brought down.

Thankfully, that's not the be all end all of this record.

Quickly shades of High On Fire cross my mind, but only terms of the sound, not the focus.

Methedras is angry and they want everyone to know it.

Metal drumming, especially speedier or extreme metal, has a code. Double bass and snare followed by fills full of rolling toms. (Thank you Dave Lombardo.) This album though, seems to have figured something out. The drums can be different!

I've never heard drum beats like this on a metal record. They're inventive, different, and all together make the album flow and there's often a manic sensibility about them that's held in check by the bass player. The two of them create a funky palette for the guitars to really take off from.

The guitars have all the thickness of a bull. They charge forward as though they're racing each other to be the most evil. During the entire album, the guitars are playing off of each other untethered from the earth because the rhythm section has freed them from the surly bonds.

Melody work and ghostly solos abound. Methedras will not melt your face, but they will get your fists pumping. This is a spectacular effort by a veteran metal band.

Release: 8/15/14
Genre: Metal
Label: DIY
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