Monday, October 29, 2012

Album Review: "Spell Eater" by Huntress

Do you know whom I love?

Iron Maiden and King Diamond.

For awhile, I thought that King Diamond was Iron Maiden every time I heard them because of the way the King and Bruce both sing. Huge and rangy. Couple that with twin guitars of death and throw in some scary, metal imagery and you're already 65% of the way to an awesome metal record.

Well, now let me get to the point of the matter. When is the last time you heard a metal band like that? For me, it was in 2008 when King Diamond released "Give Me Your Soul Please" and in 2010 when Iron Maiden released "The Final Frontier," but obviously neither of these two bands are new. Fast forward to to 2012 and a new band has arrived to pick up the mantle of whatever the hell kind of metal this is....Huntress.

Many times I've been told that the music I'm listening to is Satanic. I was recently told that the band I was listening to was possessed by demons. Huntress, whereas they're definitely not singing about any Biblical stories, do not fit into that mold. They are a Pagan metal band. This is the first time I've ever heard those words spoken together. There are a great many references to magic and general paganism all over the record and it's a refreshing change of pace instead of hearing all about how Satan is gonna rule us all.

What made me check out this band was Jill Janus. I know right? However, I didn't check them out because of her looks. In fact I don't really much care for her, um, how do I put this delicately? I don't like the way she dresses on stage or in pub photos. Period. What I do like is her voice. She proudly states that she has a four octave range and she uses it. Her vocals are very much in the vein of the King Diamond. She goes from other worldly growls, to screeches, and into full on operatic bellowing that just gives the music such power. I wish more metal bands would have vocalists that were as half as talented as their lead guitarists.

There is a very nice twin guitar attack in this band and there are some very well done solos on this record. Both players are nimble, verbose, and never outplay the song. The rhythm section holds it down the entire time. The quintet has crafted a great start for their metal career. The guitars are perfect, the rhythm section is solid, but Jill needs to work out her vocals just a little bit more. At times she over sang the songs and at others she under sang them. She is the wild card in this outfit that makes them special. Hopefully, she'll get it all sorted completely and then this band will really take off.

I'll be watching their career with a great interest. Buy this album.

Genre: Metal
Year: 2012
Playlists: Hail Satan A Cab

Track listing:

1. Spell Eater
2. Senicide
3. Sleep and Death
4. Snow Witch
5. Eight of Swords
6. Aradia
7. Night Rape
8. Children
9. Terror
10. The Tower
11. The Dark (Bonus Track)

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