Monday, January 27, 2014

"Entrails of the Soul" by Aetherium Mors

Entrails of the Soul
The thing that makes death metal so great isn't the music. It isn't the fans. It isn't the cover art. The horrifying lyrics.

It's the fact that it cannot be killed.

This music never dies. It continues to lumber along, alive, undead, or something different. Napalm Death, Morbid Angel, Carcass, Deicide, and more and more bands have been slogging it out for decades in some cases, and returning to the game in others.

None of those bands are household names. Not a single one of those bands will ever be rich off of the music they play. Morbid Angel was recently in St. Louis on the 20th Anniversary tour of their seminal album, "Covenant," playing in a club.These musicians are road dogs and gluttons for punishment. When a death metaller tells you that it's about the music, you know it's true.

Dan Couch
This the second recording by the Plymouth based group that we have had the pleasure to preview. Their first being quite good.

There is more good news from their camp. They have been signed by Eihwaz Records has signed them and this record will be released on CD very soon. Check here for more info!

As for Entrails, this is a great follow up effort to last year's debut record. The guitars are full and have that perfect hit you in the chest tone.

The drums are big and powerful without ever sounding fake or hokey, like some metal bands tend to do in the more brutal than you era.

The biggest improvement over their first release is the vocals. Kane has really focused his voice into a thumping and percussive growl.

Kane and Dan clearly show their Carcass influence without ever aping them or making us think that this is all they can do.

As with their first record, it makes me eager to hear what they can dream up next, but let's round out the lineup and get on the tour bus! This album is well worth the one pound fifty (or $2.50USD) they're charging for it on bandcamp. Pick this up and get angry.

Year: 2013
Genre: Metal
Label: DIY
1) Entrails of the Soul
2) Ritual to Evince the Subsurface of Purity
3) Divine Order Without God
4) Souls Diseased by Faith

Youtube Link For Preview

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