Monday, January 6, 2014

"Starbound Beast" by Huntress

Huntress, the King Diamond Inspired, pagan metal band from just last year is back with their sophomore record. It is gratifying to see that they are hard at work. Between the last time they graced these pages, they have played St. Louis twice and have released Starbound Beast.

That's very good. There have been a couple other bands whose sophomore effort we're all still waiting for.... You may recall that Huntress is a band that I believe could turn into something great. They have the right ingredients. Their first album was an interesting debut. It certainly had its strengths and weaknesses. The title cut was spectacular in particular. We were all introduced to Ms. Jill Janus, the lead vocalist. She  has a range similar to that of King Diamond, though she can go higher and he can go lower, but she also has the growls and the howls to go along with the shrieks and operatic runs. She is a very talented woman.

Not only do these guys look like Fate, dude is wearing a King t-shirt!
Sad to say, but Starbound Beast does suffer a bit from the sophomore jinx, at least on the first half of the record. Jill did not seem to use the full range of her vocal abilities and there were some serious songwriting issues in my world.

Gone were the Pagan songs about tarot cards and witches and enter songs about sexual predators. "I'm the huntress and the prey..." The song "I Want To Fuck You To Death," aside from being kind of terrible, doesn't fit with the motif of this band. The song is about finding someone and just yeah, well you get the point I'm sure. This song was penned by one Lemmy of Motorhead for the band. This song sticks out like a sore thumb. Picture The Mechanix and The Four Horsemen.One version of this song makes sense for Metallica to fits their idiom and the other does not.

On the backside of the record is where it starts to really pick up, though the title track is pretty rocking. The riffing increases, the drumming gets more aggressive, and Jill's vocals return to their trademark variability. This is not a bad album, it is just not as good as their first, which was above average, and this one is largely a step back.

I'd just like to see them create their own path and write their own songs. It really felt like there was some intervention when this album was written.

Year: 2013
Genre: Metal

1) Enter The Exosphere
2) Blood Sisters
3) I Want To Fuck You To Death
4) Destroy Your Life
5) Starbound Beast
6) Zenith
7) Oracle
8) Receiver
9) Spectra Spectral
10) Alpha Tauri
11) Running Wild (Bonus Track)


  1. Interesting, I'll have to check them out.


    1. I think their next record might be my last rodeo with them, unless they finally bring a high quality 45 minute record. This is one of the very rare bands where the singer is what drew me in. The band could be a pick up band like the King Diamond uses...

      There is an epic amount of potential here, and I grow wear of Ms. Janus's look at my rack routine...because well, what are you trying to sell? Your pipes or...something else?

    2. Metal dudes play in their underwear all the time. How is that any different than "look at my rack"? I don't like this style of music at all but i'm just curious why that's an important factor in deciding whether or not to like a band.

  2. Well, I also don't listen to metal dudes in their underwear either, but there's a difference here.

    Metal audiences are 90% men. Exploitation just turns me off.

    I want to listen to the music because you know your music is good enough..that's what draws me in, not an attractive woman.

  3. I'll comment because you originally posted this on my birthday. Not a big fan of the music, but as I've said, I'm always interested in listening to new things. To the matter of racks, why NOT look at her rack if she's presenting it? Just saying. Thanks, Nik

    1. What if I told you Ms. Janus has been complaining recently on social media about Hottest Women in Metal competitions?

      It's not about looking or not looking. It's about if you think your music needs me to look.