Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Album Review: "Hollow" by My Shameful

One of my favorite things about metal is the ridiculous amount of sub-genres of metal that there are.

I am well on the record for having poked at the sheer amount and prideful tendencies that go with them. A friend of mine is very much about these sub-genres and how much they mean....

I get a giggle out of them really. I do. It's very funny to me. If you ask this old guy, metal really only comes in about three varieties, heavy, speed, and extreme.

Now I've rambled, but here's the the presser I received about today's review, My Shameful, they were referred to as doom metal with death metal tendencies.

So, I'm picturing this as cyborg metal. Robots rising up to play metal and mating with humanity in order to achieve a more perfect version of metal that's played by musicians partially made of metal.

Ok, I have really gone off of the deep end here, so let's continue....

My Shameful. (Lovingly stolen from their Facebook Page)
Formed in 2000 and releasing albums since 2003, Hollow is My Shameful's sixth LP.

Unlike many bands I run across in my writing, they did not release a mixture of EPs, Splits, etc, just the albums.

The album is very doomy and a bit deathy.

So I suppose there is something to be said for the description I received about them.

For My Shameful, it's not about t he riff, the vocal, the drumbeat, or the bassline, but the song.

None of the parts are performed with fluid virtuosity or staggering speed.

In fact, nothing is really played with speed on the eight tracks. The songs are slow, deliberate, and heavy as hell.

The closest band I can relate them to stylistically is the brilliant Eye of Solitude. However, that's just a superficial comparison. Their personal styles are very different.

During the melodic interludes and in many of the intros, arpeggiated chords are played with a strange effect giving them a watery timbre that makes them sound uncomfortable. The feeling is unmistakable.

This album features eight miniature albums. It's improper to call each track a song. There's far too much ground covered in each one to call them something so pedestrian.

Release: 11/30/14
Genre: Metal
Label: Moscow Funeral League

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