Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Album Review: "Occupation Poetry" by Signalfeide

Operation Poetry
I prefer to always be reviewing albums that are about to come out, but I don't always have that luxury.

Case in point, I've been getting emails from some bands lately that want me to check out their material. Well, I think it's safe to say that after nearly 240 different albums reviewed, people can get a good idea as to my taste and what's going to move me.

So, I get excited when I receive an email directly from the artists themselves and I have a trio of them that need to be heard. Our mission here is "Music you need to hear."

There's nothing about release dates listed there. So yes, this album is out now and can be purchased today.

The email I received from the enigmatic J.N. referred to Signalfeide as a pagan act. Really, what in the world does that mean? I mean Huntress and King Diamond, I guess are pagan metal...but this is so far removed from them...

Music that's different from other bands is always fun and interesting. As cool as 12 bar blues, Tampa Bay Death Metal, G-C-D rock'n'roll, et al. are, it's always nice to hear something new.

It's often you read in a review, or hear from a friend, if you like so and so, you'll love such and such, but I can't tell you another band like this.

So, this album is largely instrumental, though there are vocals too, but they're not elevated upon the pedestal that most singers with LSD (Lead Singer's Disease) think they need to be on. The vocal melodies weave in and out with the instruments.

Aside from the usual guitars, bass, and drums there are also some synth lines, which create a wacky undercurrent.

The guitars are wobly and thick. They play atmospheric music for the inhabitants of the moon. Texturally speaking, this is not a guitar record, or a vocal record, but a record of landscapes the likes of which most mortals cannot picture...

Save the duo that conceived and birthed this record.

Release: Out Now (Halloween 2014)
Genre: Instrumental
Label: Floodgate Moods Productions
Free Download Link

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