Friday, December 5, 2014

Album Review: "Silent So Long" by Emigrate

Silent So Long
Again, we're reviewing music from Germany. Home of Per Mertesacker, Mezut Ozil, Lucas Podolski, and the rest of the World Champion German Footballers.

This feels like about the eleventh German record I've reviewed this Fall.

I also already made my David Hasselhoff joke, so that's right out. Can I take a moment to congratulate Per, Mezut, and Lucas for their World and FA Cup double?

Well, this record shockingly has nothing to do with my soccer fandom. (I know right?) Today's album is the side (solo) project of Rammstein's Richard Kruspe.

I'm  no going to give the same mention I gave when reviewing Mark Tremonti's solo record, but moreso. I do not like Rammstein at all. I have nothing kind to say about their music. More than that, I do not like electronic music, typically.

Let's dive in.

This album has a very severe identity crisis.

On one hand it's a rock album, it's metal, it's techno, and it's everything.

On another, it's a solo album, but everybody from Lemmy, to Jonathan Davis of Korn, to Peaches, and Frank Dalle of Seeed.

Well our good friend Slash did the same on his first solo record too.

This isn't an album in the truest sense of the word where they're trying to create an idea and work within that, and how could it be with the changes in personnel?

It instead feels like the change shaken out of the couch

The musical genres change  not only from song to song, but verse to verse. This is collection of songs in flux. It sometimes feels like the music that Kruspe cannot get out in Rammstein and during others it's as though  he forgot what band he was writing the music for!

In the end, this album will keep the listener guessing and somewhat confused. That's just kind of awesome.

Release: 12/9/14
Label: Spinefarm Records
Genre: Rock
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