Friday, July 18, 2014

Album Review: We Have A Ghost Eponymous (Re-release)

We Have A Ghost
Music is, your friend and humble narrator's opinion, the supreme art form because it encompasses all other forms of art, but what if that artist doesn't want to be recognized in the outside world?

My favorite band of all time, KISS, kept their identities secret for the first ten years of their existence. A new band with a similar name, Ghost, is doing the same thing.

These artists are more than just musicians, they are also actors. They are playing roles nightly in front of audiences.

Well our new friend, We Have A Ghost is the exact same way, though I think he's a bit smarter than the boys in KISS, he probably didn't create his character based on his real life personality. He's also gone one better than New York's Favorite Sons...

He's kept his location secret. So good luck figuring out this mystery, should you be so inclined. Personally, I allow these men to have their space and choose to love the mystique..look what happened to Ozzy after he lost his...

Our Ghost needs more album sales to buy a cell phone.
This music is very strange. I was certainly neither expecting nor prepared for what came out of the speakers after I turned on this album.

It's layered very deeply. What's striking about it how deeply emotional it feels.

This album is largely synth music, but it has soul. Honestly, I cannot tell you what witchcraft this man has performed in order to achieve this task, but we'll call it the Fourteenth Labor of Heracles.

Frankly, I am no fan of synth music, aside from rap (especially Nerdcore Rap), but I see that genre of music as something entirely different. However, We Have A Ghost certainly won me over. This could have something to do with the art being largely the music and not the vocals being the focus.

Vocals are hard to come by on this album.

The stereo mix was also used as another instrument. There are times when a prominent sound will only come out of one speaker. When listening to the album on multiple speakers, this creates a very eerie effect.

This album is the soundtrack to the rain, to meditation, to having a drink or a smoke (be it Colorado Green or NC Brown), and many other activities, illicit or otherwise, that I could name.

Release: 7/22/14
Genre: Synth ???
Label: Bleeding Light Records
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  1. I had the chance to listen to a couple of their singles, and it's definitely not your average synth offering. I enjoyed listening while I was at work, thanks for the tip!