Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Album Review: "Hang Them" by Atara and Miserable Failure

Hang Them
The split EP!

This is a long staple in the world of extreme metal where many of the labels don't have billions to spend.

I suppose it's more than just the metal that does this, but also the music industry as a whole that doesn't have the distribution and power that some of the other bigger labels have.

Atara and Miserable Failure are both on the Kaotoxin label and are angry, riffy, and unstoppable grindcore metal.

For the uninitiated, Grindcore is a name given to very extreme metal that has some similar traits to hardcore punk music. Short songs, no solos, just flat out going after it and then reloading for the next go around. Both bands have been around the block a bit and we'll take each side of the EP...

All in all this extended play is overly brutal, overly aggressive, and a touch fast.

Nah, I'm kidding, it's overly fast too. This album from start to finish is the perfect example of what grindcore is, and only what should be called Grindcore. (Carcass isn't grindcore FYI.)

Atara: The first half of the 19 minutes is filled in by the boys in Atara. The vocals are thick and have a strong resemblance to the originators of the genre, Napalm Death. The influence is quite clear.

The music itself is groovy and riffy. There are some great changes and the music just blasts!

Miserable Failure: There is a stark contrast between these two bands and it's none more apparent than in the vocals. Instead of thick, throaty, and upfront, the vocals here are far higher pitched, like Glen Benton's high register, and mixed into the background. It gives them a very unique and discernible sound.

The music, on both sides, is thunderous, angry, and full of energy.

Release: 8/12/14
Genre: Metal, Grindcore
Label: Kaotoxin Records
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