Friday, July 25, 2014

Album Review: "Fragments" by District

Twitter is a funny thing.

In the very recent past, I received a message from a band asking if I did reviews, and after answering in the affirmative, they sent me their album.

That is still my very favorite thing about running this little music blog. When a band contacts me. (Please see email address to the upper right of the screen should you be interested.)

But, in the end, I've never heard of this band and I have very little information about them other than that they have released an album and they are from Seattled and named District.

They self identify with alternative rock, but could they really call themselves anything else while being from Seattle? Perhaps I'm just too old, but that's all I think of when I think of Seattle...well that and The Crow.

After listening to this album it's obvious that this band's number one strength is in its songwriting and their collective ability on their instruments.

When a band has a modicum of expertise on their instruments, they tend to more easily have a sound and a style that's them. Think Metallica, AC/DC, Black Sabbath and those bands have never really evolved out of the playing styles that made them famous.

I cannot tell you what District's playing style is. The music and the vocals basically run the gauntlet of styles and techniques.

The arpeggios, the melody lines, the riffs, the chord progressions speak to a mastery of the instrument that its owner does not feel the need to use self-indulgently.

Vocally speaking, the songs are sung very well. They are a modern rock band, and there is an obvious influence by Kurt Cobain and more, but that's to be expected. However, there is not, like the guitars, a single influence that the listener can pinpoint. From howls, to screams, to sensitive and soft, there are no shortage of deliveries, moods, and textures.

This is a very strong album from a very young band. It's very polished and sounds fantastic. There really is no weak link for this record.

Release: 7/15/14
Genre: Modern Rock
Label: Keep In Touch Records
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  1. Hey, one I've already heard! I like that your reviews span all kinds of music, Nik, thanks for another good one.