Friday, July 11, 2014

Album Review: "Skullcrusher" by Maze of Terror

A few weeks ago I received an email all the way from Lima, Peru. It was from a metal band there. The band and I disagree precisely what genre they belong to, but we'll forgo that for now.

That's pretty cool. I've said it before and I'll say it again, it's so beyond awesome when I get an email from an artist who's asking me to listen to their music.

Doing this blog and getting to hear all of this music that I wouldn't normally know is why I do this.

So, for our South American friends, let's take a look at Skullcrusher. Normally, as this EP is a couple years old, I would not review it because it's not current, but I cannot pass it up. The band wanted to create a brutal thrash metal band with a very polished sound, and I think we can all agree that they nailed that goal.

Maze of Terror
I first noticed how fast and articulate this EP is.

Very few bands have the ability to pick out the complex riffs and rhythms employed by Maze of Terror.

I'm going to now discuss the picking on this album. I have never heard such aggressive picking.

It's basically weaponized. If I were the guitarist, I'd carry a plectrum with me at all times for self defense. There is no way a villain could retaliate. He'd be sliced to shreds in moments. The picking is powerful, aggressive, and unique.

This naturally applies to the solos as well. They range from beauty to Kerry King styled leads. There are not many of them, so there's no chance of calling Maze of Terror self-indulgent.

The songs are tight, focused, and some spectacular thrash/death metal. We'll call it Threath Metal.

This is the kind of music Sepultura could have made if they could play their guitars half as well as Maze of Terror. They are the kings of the riff. Very few metallers can touch them.

Release: 5/30/12
Genre: Metal, Thrash Metal
Label: DIY
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