Monday, January 12, 2015

Album Review: "Denouncing The Holy Throne" by Heaving Earth

Denouncing The Holy Throne
Today we check in on the Czech Republic and their native sons, Heaving Earth.

They're from the historic city of Prague, and I'd be surprised if many Americans can name another area of Czech Republic, but I'll tell you that I enjoy a good Czech Pilsner any day of the week.

In fact I recently tried Czechvar finally...but Czech Lagers are hardly metal....I think metal beers have to be like Double IPAs or that hurts to drink...


Heaving Earth has been at the death metal game for a number of years now and Denouncing The Holy Throne is their second full length album, but they've released an extended play and been part of a split since releasing their debut album, Diabolic Prophecies in 2010.

Heaving Earth
European Death Metal is a mixed bag, for me anyway. Unless it's that "Gothenburg" Sound.

It could really go anywhere. If I were to get very technical and pin them down, I'd call them technical melodic death metal, but that would just be silly.

This album is very technical. The riffing is superb. Juxtaposed between the visceral growls and the relentless drumming there are the riffs and the melodies. Aside from just insanely fast, palm muted chugging, there are highly advanced melodies.

They were often reminiscent of Buckethead.

Thankfully they didn't blow their load on the melodies because the solos are truly mesmerizing. Over the top, complex, and beautiful. Emotive straining is just as commonplace on this album as fleet of finger shredding.

The production was nearly perfect. Had the drums been turned down a hair, this record would have achieved perfection, but Heaving Earth will have to settle for a 95% I suppose.

Release: 2/6/15
Genre: Death Metal
Label: Lavadome Productions
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