Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Album Review: "Time & Trauma" by 36 Crazy Fists

Time & Trauma
There are few things as cool as metal to me.

One of the reasons is because of all of the crazy subgenres of metal and how nitpicky people can get about them. I personally recognize about 10 subgenres of metal and I do not think that I take them seriously.

Today, 36 Crazy Fists has introduced me to a new heavy metal subgenre: The New Wave of American Metal.

Wouldn't that be like, well every brand of metal ever? Well I guess I do accept The New Wave of British Heavy Metal...

Look, I'm not sure if I can take that name or that subgenre seriously, but I'll definitely give the band some serious consideration. Somehow, this band has escaped me for over two decades.

I  hate that.

36 Crazy Fists
Honestly, I'm still a bit reeling from The New Wave of American Metal, but I'm going to power through it.

Power is a very apropos word to use.

This album resonates power from the double bass drum beats, to the thick as cement guitars, to the ever evolving vocals (on each track).

There is nothing about this album that's mellow, calm, or dare I say weak?

The power of anger flows freely like Darth Vader attacking Obi Wan Kenobi.

I kept focusing on the vocals on this album because of their chameleon like changes. From strains reminiscent of Chris Cornell, to shouts rivaling James Hetfield, to growls angry as David Vincent, vocalist Brock Lindow kept it fresh the whole way through.

The music, though very heavy, felt more like rock'n'roll played uptempo and full of anger instead of lust. The vibe was that of a loose band playing how they want to play. They would fit on a bill featuring bands like Five Finger Death Punch or Trivium, but 36 Crazy Fists don't sound like those groups, but they have their own thing.

Release: 2/17/15
Genre: American Metal
Label: Spinefarm Records
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