Monday, January 5, 2015

Album Review: "It's All Down Here From Here" by Bo and the Locomotive

It's All Down Here From Here
Today we're reviewing the latest effort by another St. Louis band.

It's always nice when I get press emails about bands that I've heard of, at least a bit.

There was a time in my life when I nearly had my finger on the pulse of the local music scene and was a small part of it...though no one ever saw my band or at least no one ever wanted to but did because we dragged them to the shows....

Over the years the local music scene in St. Louis has really passed me by. It was never very strong in terms of metal or hard rock.

Yes Gravity Kills made it out, as did Nelly, The Urge, and some others.

Our scene has always been largely, well for lack of a better word, alternative. Ska, power pop, strange rock, avant garde music, etc.

Well, not much has changed really. Our local bands are still a bit left of center. There's still not a huge rock or metal clique.

They're still keeping St. Louis least in my opinion.

I've never felt that the few bands that did make it out really represented what we had going on here. Well, maybe Sinister Dane...if anyone remembers them.

Bo and the Locomotive is a very interesting group.

The music is mellow and sparse. It has that spacey feeling that makes audiences sway more than dance.

The vocals are interesting. There's definitely a modern rock timbre nowadays, but I have no real good description of it. I can say that it no longer is the Scott Stapp Eddie Vedder Impersonation vocals...

Here they remind me a bit of "Pink's replacement" from In The Flesh. There's a sneer to them that gives a very nice edge.

If I had to pigeonhole this music into something, I don't, but I'm going to anyway, I'd call this vintage future blues.

Check this out. Play it. Let your mind wander. It should find its way back home when the final track stops.

Release: 1/27/15
Genre: Indie Rock
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