Thursday, December 6, 2018

Road Warriors with Striker

How many times are we going to hear from Edmonton's Striker?


Put on your spandex. Get out your wah wah pedal. Then do some shredding finger exercises.

Or just read along!

1. What's the right length for a tour?

I'm a fan of about 30 shows. Enough to get into it, not too many that you start to go crazy. Most of our tours are about 3 to 5 weeks.

2. I've heard some great stories about strange ways of eating on the road. What's your trick to keeping your belly full while out there?

Hope you get catering at the venue!

3. Tell me about the best club you've played? The worst? Names can be left out, or in...whichever.

The best venues are almost exclusively in Europe. 

Sorry North America but you are light years behind! Netherlands has some really cool venues that we played at last year with Sonata Arctica. Just really well built and maintained venues, excellent staff, great location, well run, etc. 

Some of the worst venues have been in the UK. One venue, we showed up and thought they had painted the concrete walls black... turns out it was actually just mold. 


4. Whenever I get behind the wheel of a car for a long drive, I always play a Mitch Hedberg comedy album. What's your routine?

Actually we listen to a lot of comedy too. 

We basically listen to anything. We've probably put close to 10,000 hours of driving in already, you go through a lot of music that way. 

We've branched out into pod casts and even audio books

5. How do you settle band fights while in the backseat of the van?

Headbutting contest

6. Tell us about the best response you've gotten outside of your home town.

We get great responses pretty much everywhere actually. People go nuts in Spain, one time the crowd got so rowdy they grabbed everyone off stage and sent us crowd surfing mid set, even our drummer!

7. Have you ever played in St. Louis?

Indeed we have! Last year we played at Fubar on Locust St. Kind of a weird show, I don't think the staff knew there was a show... 

We showed up for load in and the venue was closed, no one answered the phone or anything... Eventually we got the show going though!

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