Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Pizza Pie Do or Die with Adam Pell of Accursed Spawn

Accursed Spawn
When you need something to smile about, Ottawa, Ontario might just have something for you, or maybe it's just me, being a hockey fan here in St. Louis, MO.

Though 98% of all NHL fans believe in the lie of the Original Six. There were actually four original teams in the National Hockey League and only two of them still exist. Of the two that do not, one was the Ottawa Senators.

Who moved to St. Louis to become the St. Louis Eagles.

Anyway, that has nothing to do with Canada's Capitol City Catterwaullers: Accursed Spawn.

If you're into that heavy music livin', smash down their latest record on BANDCAMP. You even get to buy in Canadian Dollars!

For the low, low price of six Twonies, you can slam your face to The Virulent Host.

But for now, let's talk pizza.

1. Pizza is the world's most perfect food. This is not up for debate. Please define pizza as based on your geographical location.

Canadian Pizza – A delicious, sometimes cake sized monstrosity, often fit for consumption by those with more waistline than common sense. 

Sometimes referred to as, “Thick Crust.”

2. It's going to get controversial now. Pineapple on Pizza. Why or why not? 

Pineapple is tasty. Pizza is tasty. Two tasty things together should be twice as tasty, right? Meh. It’s okay. Not my favourite, but certainly not the blasphemy people make it out to be.

3. For literally years, my family didn't order pizza from the take out places. We made Chef Boyardee boxed pizzas. After that, we only ordered St. Louis Style from Imo's. But finally, in the LATE EIGHTIES, I had Domino's Pizza. Tell me your tale.

A long time ago, Accursed Spawn used to rehearse next to a family owned pizza place. We would often take the pizza back to our band cave and get drunk after long jams and decided to start drinking before we had ordered pizza after a long session. 

Naturally, we wound up finishing the set, walking home right past the pizza place, and realizing a few hazy hours later that we were still hungry, and had no pizza. We felt way too embarrassed to go back. 

The worst part is that the owner still recognized me years later when I decided to try their pizza again!

4. St. Louis Style Pizza is the perfect pizza, especially if you enjoy bragging about how much pizza you can eat, but when I'm out in other parts of the country, I seek out Chicago Style Pizza. What do you look for?

Perfect pizza occurs when a Trilateral equilibrium occurs in the balance between cheese, crust, and sauce. Great toppings definitely enhance the experience but cannot disguise a faulty ‘za. The Crust should have a nice crisp, golden brown outside and soft, fluffy inside. 

The sauce should be savory and zesty. Cheese should favour mozzarella and provolone for maximum stretch factor, with some extra cheddar for saltiness and flavor.

5. Pepperoni started giving me heartburn. So I switched to green peppers or onions. What's your go-to topping?

Pepperoni is my go-to topping. I’m a classic man.

6. What do you look for in pairing beer with your pie?

Rolling Rock is my favourite “Pizza beer”, only because it sits a bit lighter than most others. 

Otherwise, mixing solid bread with liquid bread is a sure-fire recipe for a long, unpleasant car ride for everyone else involved.

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