Thursday, June 12, 2014

Album Review: "The Dead Age" by Unicycle Loves You

The Dead Age
Noise Pop. Indie Pop. Fuzzy Rock.

I don't know what to call Unicycle Loves You other than by their name.

This is a band that likes to wear a lot of hats and they seem to desire to defy categorization.

Like many great bands, they have evolved record to record, and you may recall my saying that I look to the next album on a few bands to see if they have smoothed the edges or evolved into something a bit more than they were.

Unicycle Loves you wants to make sure that you cannot tell your friends what kind of music they are. Each album they have released has been vastly different than the one before it and this pattern will likely continue, but I'd imagine that would make it easy to notice the songs you know when they play them?

Unicycle Loves You
This album is high energy for at least 88% of the record.

The guitars are fuzzed out and melodic, mostly. There are some Pink Floyd on acid (I know) guitar solos here and there that move at the speed of a turtle, and it works so well.

Aside from strange musical phrasing, there are the conventional chord progressions that have been around all along.

The vocals are strange. They sound like someone singing from the great beyond, or at least what that conjures up in my head.

Unlike most bands, the vocals are in the back. They are not upfront and in your face. Aside from the great divide crossing timbre, they have a percussive quality to them that really adds to the drums.

The drums are what is leading the charge of this record. The old adage is that the drums are the central nervous system of a band, and in this case...that is exactly what is happening. The drums are barking the orders on the snare drum and the legion falls in.

It will be very interesting to hear the band perform this material live and I'm glad to have that opportunity soon. Check them out on tour now!

Release: 6/10/14
Genre: Indie Pop
Label: Mecca Lecca
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