Monday, June 9, 2014

Album Review: "Mindhood" by Ashura

Mindhood by Ashura
In 2011, the brothers Gordillo decided they were going to stop playing Iron Maiden covers and start playing their own music.

The South American brothers then began an odyssey that took them through several other musicians and into the studio to record a demo.

In January of 2013 they met Enrico Cavion who helped them change their sound, their genre and their focus.

Finally, they ended up with the full line up that would birth the newly named Ashura's debut record.

They were  now ready to begin writing and recording and the produced a three song demo to begin their journey. Ashura is a Bay Area Thrash band in the modern age that stays true to the roots of the genre.

The men of Ashura
This album starts out rough and it really does not let up.

The first track starts off loose and heavy and sounding a bit like a jam session.

They are new school thrash or neo-thrash, if either of those terms are real things. They are among the truest of the true believers in old school thrash.

The riffing is fast enough to make the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs. The jackhammering on the strings feels like these guys must have forearms like Popeye.

The vocals are standard fare for the genre. Fans of Antrhax, Exodus, et al should be perfectly comfortable with Facundo's vocal stylings. Though they do not imitate any specific artists, it would be hard to hear him out of place in any of the bay area bands.

The guitar player is an excellent musician, and he wants you to know it. There are guitar solos all over this thing. The listener practically trips on them while listening. I think this is awesome. From emotive blues solos, to sensitive arpeggios, and flat out shreds, The Wolf, as Enrico is known, is all over it and never feels like he's showing off.

The double bass blast beats are easy to find and spot, but they're not all over everything. Dynamics are a wonderful thing and more metal bands need to understand this concept. Matteo knows when to sprint and knows when to hold back a lap.

All in all, this is a great album by a new young band that's full of piss and vinegar. Like any great metal band should be.

Release: 5/26/14
Genre: Metal, Thrash Metal
Label: Punishment 18
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