Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Album Review: "Mean Love" by Emmy Wildwood

Mean Love by Emmy Wildwood
Today our album review is a very different flavor that what's normally found here at Glacially Musical, but as music is always moving and ever changing, so do we.

Today's review introduces us to a new artist in the world, Emmy Wildwood. She has not only written this EP, but recorded every track and instrument on the album. Beyond simple artistic acumen, she is also a person of business.

The label releasing this EP, Tiger Blanket Records, is wholly owned by Wildwood. The Williamsburg based label also houses a record store, that of course she owns...

Aside from her business, her solo recording, the punk band, Velta...she has one other distinction as a musician. She plays guitar in Guns'n'Hoses, an all female Guns'n'Roses Tribute band.  However, we should move onto the current album.

Emmy Wildwood
She's described as a ghost pop siren, whatever that means.

I do not know what it is, but I can tell you all about what I think Emmy is.

Her vocals are smokey, emotive, and varied. In the vein of Marilyn Manson, she changes her delivery, her inflection, and plays her voice like an instrument, but she does it all very unconventionally.

I've been introduced to many singer/songwriters over the years and never have I come across one like Ms. Wildwood.

The music was recorded very primitively, on a simple 4-Track Recorder. It drips with the 80's "wet drumbeat" sound that so many people have grown to hate, but here it fits like a glove.

The music is engaging and evocative. Like all great music, her songs take you on a voyage you did not expect. The worst part about this 4 track, 13 minute EP is just that.

It's only 13 minutes long. I look forward to the full length release.

Release: 6/24/14
Genre: Pop
Label: Tiger Blanket Records
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  1. Her sound isn't really my thing but it's very cool she's created every aspect of her music

    1. She's an interesting case.

      Synth pop isn't for everyone.