Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Album Review: "Resurrection Denied" by Devangelic

Resurrection Deined by Devangelic
This is about to get very brutal and a bit blasphemous, but as per our usual policy, lyrical content is kind of off limits because frankly, they do not matter to me all that much.

Even if a band is serious...it's still just a piece of art, so we judge the art based on its merits as an art form. I always see a song like a movie. Regardless of what it's about, it doesn't mean it is encouraging or supporting that theme...

Because after all, it's just making a movie.

This is the full length debut by Devangelic. They hail from Rome, Italy.

This is an all star group of sorts. Members of Devangelic are also from Putridity, Vulvectomy, and Coprophilliac. Honestly, none of those bands ring a bell for me and the names are um, interesting.

The Romans of Devangelic
This album starts off brutal and never lets up.

The drums are front faced in the mix, but they're not just standard death metal drumming, which is good. Because we all know how cookie cutter it can get.

The snare drum sounds a lot like the sounds Lars used on St. Anger. Normally that would turn me off, but it worked here.

There were three different kind of blast beats, slow, fast, and light speed. (The latter may have been enhanced.) There are a lot of dynamics in the drums on this album.

As the first track ticked away, I didn't hear much of the guitar. There was the chugga chugga of course with a nice pinched harmonic squeal at the end of the riffs as an exclamation point.

Though there isn't much lead guitar, I didn't find myself missing it with this record. It just wasn't necessary.

What I noticed about this record is that the album needs to be played loudly in order to get the full effect. When my stereo was turned up loudly, the guitars were more articulate, the vocals fell into the right place, and of course the drums felt even bigger.

Release: 6/24/14
Genre: Death Metal
Label: Comatose Records
Bandcamp Link

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  1. Pretty graphic, but no, not offensive to me. It's art, right? Art often pushes boundaries, as their music obviously does as well.