Wednesday, October 4, 2017

LP Review: "Extraction" by Insurrection

Let's talk about something silly today.

On Saturday at my daughter's hockey practice, the team was giving out car decals so the parents can show their pride in their daughters for being on a hockey team.

Now, there's also been a sticker for her school in my car that I paid for back in, well, August.

So, there was a sticker deficit going on. There was already a single sticker on my Toyota Prius.

My Prius, has a Death Metal sticker on it. One that said death metal was chosen over a band's sticker, because, I wanted the people to see my duality. Like The Joker said in Full Metal Jacket. Newer readers will probably notice that not much death metal has been hitting around here though.....

It's not that Death Metal has become passe around here, but that not much has come out in awhile that's been able to dethrone the more psychedelic forms of metal.

For Death Metal, and the heavier varieties of the genre, to really be worth their salt, they have to be as musical as they are brutal.

There are a great number of bands in the world that are really good at the former, but not so much with the latter.

Metallers have always prided themselves in mastery of their instruments, but when every song sounds like every single track of Metallica's ...And Justice For All played all at once, then your music just kind of blows and really your band should probably be working on mastery of your instruments.

Because those bands...they're just parodies of what makes metal great and fodder for those who'll denigrate the music.

Thankfully, Insurrection, has balanced the two ideas and created a thundering album full of riffs, grooves, and hooks.

The only real problem I have with our newfound Quebecois friends is that, in the true fashion of the True North, their home and native land, Canada, they have half of their songs in French. So I can't even decipher what those songs are saying even with the lyrics.

That aside, this is a thundering album that you'll likely never stop spinning.

Release: 10/06/17
Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Label: Galy Records

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