Thursday, October 5, 2017

5 Minute Interview With Hallas

Let's check back in with a really cool band from Sweden, Hallas.

These magical metal alchemists gave us a quick rundown of what makes them awesome and apparently it's, Cuban Heels made in Sweden.

This makes me wonder, as I sit in the 18th Century Style Cobbler at Glacially Musical's Fashion Wing...Who made the Cuban Heels The Cat wore on Red Dwarf?

Did the Felis Sapiens make their own clothes or conscript the clothing of the long dead crew? If they were making their own clothes, how did these cats know of Cuban Heels three million light years into deep space?

Food for thought I think.

Glacially Musical: Thanks for taking some time. How's it going?

We've just released our second single 'Star Rider' from our next album and now we can't wait for the record to be released and play the songs live. //Nicklas 

Is Sweden anything like Black Metal tells us it is? 

If you mean that it´s dark and cold most of the time and some people doesn´t feel well, it´s true. I think all of that affects us and maybe that’s why there is a special melancholic vibe and atmosphere in most of the rock music from the north. //Tommy

How did you collectively create Hällas?

From the beginning Hällas started in 2011 in our former guitarist Jesper’s garage.

It was Kasper, him and me. In 2013 Alexander Moraitis joined in and we started to make songs and did our first shows. But then we went separate ways with Jesper, and Marcus that played with Alex before joind in.

2014 we finished our first EP and during the time in the studio we felt that Nicklas gave the sound so much more with the synthesizer and organ that we asked him to be a part of the band, and he said yes.//Tommy 

What was the inspiration for the title "Excerpts From A Future Past?"

With that title no one can ever know when the story is taking place. It takes place any time and all the time at the same time and that allowed us to come up with the concept for the album and also allows us to develop it further.

And we like the word 'excerpts'. The title was Kaspers idea and the rest of us felt that it was a good name for a concept record. // Nicklas 

How do you pick out what shoes you wear on stage? 

It´s simple, we all wear the same Swedish made Cuban high heel shoes, excepts for Kasper because it´s hard to play the bass drum with heels. Our friend Tobias makes them and we all love them, //Tommy 

I've never seen a Swedish person who can't speak English. Why is that so prevalent? 

Maybe because Sweden is a small country and we've realized we're not the centre of the world. //Nicklas

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