Monday, October 9, 2017

LP Review: "The Fourth Seal" by Pale Horseman

The Fourth Seal
Recently, I took a trip to Minnesota. Going up to the Twin Cities from St. Louis, MO can take a good long time.

That's actually a trip my family has made a number of times. By car, it's ten hours, plane, 3 hours, and by train, it's about 16 hours.

The last one was my favorite mode of travel. It takes longer sure, but the dining car, the observation car, and beer on had just made it wonderful.

It's a hard trip and those long rides can take a lot out of you.

It's important to have something that can take that pain away and just get you moving over the next hump.

Enter The Pale Horseman.

Pale Horsman
Satanic heavy metal fans may recognize this Biblical reference to the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Personally, my favorite representation of the Four Horsemen was in the Red Dwarf episode, Gunmen of the Apocalypse, but all great English comedy aside.

Because it's not metal.

Though, Pale Horseman does remind me a little bit of Dave Lister. It's dirty and slobby, and thick.

For metal, that's a spectacular thing, even if for a bachelor on the prowl it isn't so great.

In the days of the 5150's gain knobs on 11 being pushed by 909 Overdrive Pedals making downtuned 8 string guitars sound like the gallops of the The Four Horsemen, it's awesome to have a band that just comes out and jams.

That's not to say The Fourth Seal is easy listening. It's a real thumper of an album. It's some of the most precisely played slop in the world.

Give ti some time and The Fourth Seal will seep into your bones.

Release: 11/24/17
Genre: Sludge Metal
Label: DIY

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