Wednesday, August 16, 2017

LP Review: "Excerpts From A Future Past" by Hällas

Excerpts From a Future Past
He may have been spoken of before on these very pages, but his name shall never be forgotten and his legacy will be forever affirmed.

There was once a man whose eyes we've never seen. A man who stood behind curtains on stage as to confuse the spotlight operator.

This giant, also placed his leather coat on the mic stand while stalking the areas of the stage no man of woman born should ever trod.

His name you ask?

He was Mitch Hedberg. Where is he now? He has gone to join his ancestors on the other side or the veil. He was thrown off of the horse. What did he do?

Simply put Mitch Hedberg was the alpha and the omega.

He taught us a simple concept, there is no such thing as two in one. That's why two was created.

Hällas, like a great many bands, has taken to weaving alchemy in order to create a new kind of music that we have never seen, or have seen many times. 

At this time of night, it's really hard to tell if what we're hearing is the result of genius musos, or the pull of the beer we've been drinking. Mondays are hard, man. (Note: This review was written on a Monday evening.)

Hällas is able to forge three sorts of music into a single entity. The parts are folk, psychedelic rock, and power metal.

This  may be the first time those three genres have ever existed on a single page.

What makes the world fun is the ability to do something unexpected, to be different. Hällas is very different from your average folk, psychedelic, or power metal band.

The advanced ability to create tapestries of sound is simply astounding. Soundscapes are an oft unused tool in metal featuring vocals, especially melodious vocals. Harmonies wielded by swords of the ancestors of Vikings....

That's kind of a silly simile for what we're hearing.

Release: 10/13/17
Genre: Folk Metal (?)
Label: The Sign Records
Formats: LP/CD/Digital

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