Monday, August 28, 2017

LP Review: "Perfect Patterns" by Dead Stars

Perfect Patterns
Oh my friends. Do you remember High School?

Unfortunately, the median age of the Glacially Musical readers is unknown to me, perhaps some advanced analytics are required...but can even google supply me with that information?

Well, let's all assume that the average reader is at minimum of a junior in high school?

For me, it was hard fitting in until I learned how to be myself. There was a conversation about this earlier today, and it occurred that it was easy for me to like what I liked, because I didn't have many friends anyway and was wildly unpopular.

What every parent tries to teach their children is just that though. Be precisely the person you are inside on the outside and your crowd will find you.

Dead Stars

Yes that sounds all well and's easy to say it. That doesn't really take into account the people who are more than one thing at one time does it?

Well, it does. As humans, it's natural to believe that we are the only ones going through what we are going through and feeling the things we are feeling.

It's just not the case. Experience and a willingness to open up will teach that lesson toot sweet!

None of us fit into a single box. Well, at least there's no desire on this guy's part to meet the person who only fits into one box.

That's where Dead Stars come into this story.

What if you were a masterful pop songwriter, but had the punk sensibility of X? Well, that's probably a bad comparison....

or the best comparison ever! Like X, Dead Stars are able to rock out lo-fi style while playing well crafted, melodic, and catchy tunes.

This is the standard time when we'd say, just try not to bob your head along to it, but that's asking the impossible, so moving on.

Not only are the songs mastercrafted, so is the sound and production. Beautifully open sounds abound on this album. Listening to a digital stream sounded a lot like listening to vinyl album.

That's talent.

Check them out. You'll be glad you did.

Release: 9/1/17
Genre: Pop Punk
Label: DIY
Formats: Cassette/Digital

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