Wednesday, August 30, 2017

LP Review: "The Rabbit Hole" by The Great Discord

The Rabbit Hole
A common trope in comedic movies, shows, etc is to have a character deliver bad news in a funny way, because then maybe it won't seem so bad.

In Robin Hood: Men In Tights, Roger Rees's Sheriff of Nottingham delivered the news to Richard Lewis's Prince John that he and his men were defeated by Robin Hood and his Merry Men.

For Prince John, the news was still terrible and the blow was not softened at all.

When it comes to music, the vast majority of music dealing with dark stuff is fairly morose or extreme. Blues is the king of the minor keys. Metal is often so angry that the subject matter, no matter what it is, cannot be broached by a civilian listener. This raises the question, can dark subject matter be dealt with in easier listening music?

The Great Discord
Now, let's not go down a rabbit hole (get it?) of questions revolving around philosophy and the what not, but we will re-visit this question in a subsequent post....

The Great Discord features musicians from The Magna Carta Cartel, Ghost, Tid, Lost, Dead Soul, and apparently several other bands as well.

We're looking a band full of veterans who know how to write a song.

The Great Discord is described as a progressive death pop band...that's a strange series of words strung together, but in the makes a bit of sense.

There's nothing like putting the word progressive in front of a genre to capture my attention....

Anyone looking for fifteen minute songs featuring flamenco into baroque into bluegrass metal...well this isn't your band.

The record thematically challenges the Alice In Wonderland story. To get the full explanation on that, listen to the record.

The Rabbit Hole is a multi-layered beast that never languishes in one spot long enough to cast a shadow. They move at a brisk pace that will always capture the imagination of the listener.

Spin it and see where it takes you...

Release: 10/7/17
Genre: Progressive Death Pop
Label: The Sign Records

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