Friday, August 18, 2017

EP Review: "Sign with Blood" by TERRA INCΩGNITA

Sign with Blood
There's nothing better in this world than that feeling of nostalgia.

Of course that's hyperbole, but as this is the internet, and ACTUALLY!!! is totally thing, just go with me and let's move on.

There's a belief that our personalities are cemented around the age of fourteen or fifteen, who knows if that's actually true, but when I was around that age, Iron Maiden was in free fall.

No Prayer For The Dying led into Fear of the Dark which led to Bruce Dickinson following Adrian Smith exiting the band.

The Mercyful Fate reunion came and went....(Let's face fact it degenerated into King's solo band minus Andy LaRoque plus Hank Shermann. My melodic metal heroes were all falling by the wayside. (Of course King Diamond was still going, but that era of his's not looked back on fondly by me...)

Now, nostalgia is one thing, but if TERRA INCΩGNITA sounded just like either of those bands, there would be nothing special about them.

They'd simply be Kinkos, but totally metal Kinkos.

TERRA INCΩGNITA is very melodic, very powerful, and grandiose.

In four tracks spanning less than twenty minutes they're able to cover as much ground as The Light Brigade.

Iron Maiden-style harmonies fill the space and give way to Andy LaRoque style riffs. The crunch is strong with them, STRONG.

Added sounds in the background create a sonic wall so thick David Copperfield would not be able to pass through it.

TERRA INCΩGNITA is able to combine the heaviness of modern metal with the melody of Jurassic Era metal. Shades of Steppenwolf exist along side the crushing metal here....

It's easy to emulate your heroes, it's harder to be inspired by them in order to create your own thing.

Release: Out Now
Genre: Power Metal
Label: DIY

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