Wednesday, August 2, 2017

LP Review: "Mountain Legacy" by Deadsmoke

Mountain Legacy
There is a certain kind of person in the world, which I'm not, that's slow to anger. As a people, we should be prizing and teaching this quality.

This guy, me, isn't. Emotions are worn on my sleeve. There are times when my nerves are raw and then my moods can change on a dime.

This isn't good.

Again, my personal training has restarted to return myself back to when holding it was within my powers.

 Those days though, there would come a time when taking it with a smile couldn't be done anymore and the explosion would start.  Think about that. Those were actually darker days, my friends. Here in the now, in the bright days, abilities have been lost.

Mountain Legacy is a slow burning doom metal album.

It opens with slow, ringing chords that last for days. The fuzz creates natural vibrato in the notes.

The drums...simple and powerful play with a John Bonham swing, but at a much slower rate.

Like the notes, these songs tend to be very long. It would be hard to describe this as a progressive record.

It's more like the dinosaur that refuses to change and will not die out. There's another similarity to that dinosaur, this record heavy. Not only heavy, but massively dense.

Were it really a dinosaur, we'd be talking about a brontosaurus most likely as it walked over forests. At least, that's how Mountain Legacy begins.

Around the middle, the anger starts to bubble. There's not an explosion yet, but perhaps it could happen. Only in the end, does it happen.

The idea of creating a tracklist of songs that will become an album is, as I've stated a thousand times, a lost art. Deadsmoke found it.

Release: 9/29/17
Genre: Doom Metal
Label: Heavy Psych Sounds Records
Formats: LP/CD/Digital

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