Thursday, August 3, 2017

300 Seconds with Breag Naofa

In who's quickly going to become the most written about artist of 2017 on Glacially Musical, it's time to meet Seattle's Breag Noafa.

Starting off, there's an LP coming via Halo of Flies in mid August and then in September, there'll be another release, an EP released independently.

Preorder the LP HERE and the EP HERE.

Please be sure to check back on those reviews in the coming weeks.

We'll have them both and of course get with Breag Naofa so you can tell them you already knew the translation of their Gaelic name on Facebook.

In the meantime as we wait for their records to come out, we took some time to get to know the band and find what we could. Check it out below...

Glacially Musical: Thanks for taking a few minutes so our readers can get to know you a little bit. What made you want to become a musician?

Breag Naofa: Honestly, as a kid, I hated the 80's hair metal and roughly around age 13, Nirvana smashed through the scene and flipped it all around.

I was hooked on wanting to play music after that. Turned me on to thrash and other kinds of metal as well in the early 90's.

GM: What's the best way to enjoy music?

BN: I enjoy randomly discovering bands the way my dad used to.

He would look at an LP cover and would find the most badass art before even listing...granted sometimes its hit and miss, at least with digital media you can sample first.

That's how I like discovering new bands. I also enjoy the writing process...I have some very non metal music that's only been recorded at home that keeps me motivated, and nothing more enjoyable than the process of creation.

GM: Tell me the last five songs played on your MP3 player.

BN: Modern Life is War - The outsiders

Faith No More - Midlife Crisis

American Nightmare - Please Die!

Omega Massif - Wölfe

Caspian - Malacoda

GM: Who's your greatest influence?

BN: For this particular style of music, we play heavy on a lot of other post-metal/doom/crust bands like: Cult of Luna, Year of No Light, Fall of Efrafa, His Hero is Gone, Neurosis, Amen-ra, and even post rock like Sigur Ros, and Mono.

GM: You tell me, what do we need to know about you?

BN: Members from Breag have all been in other hardcore, metal, and punk bands.

If you're interested in any past projects, you could easily find out more, but we like promoting our current cause and our current projects.

The Band is comprised of similar minded individuals who all have a common anti-theistic stance. It's themes find ways into our lyrics at times and other times how depression and other daily life troubles affect the human experience.

We have two releases coming out this year one that is a more melancholy album and not as heavy dealing with death and depression that hit a few of us all at once.

The other release is more raw, heavy, and angry. Look for both late this summer or fall.

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