Wednesday, August 23, 2017

LP Review: "Deranged Pagan Sons" by Cardinals Folly

Deranged Pagan Sons
It's not like me to tell you how the sausage is made, right? Ok, seriously, that's pretty false.

As of this writing, the total solar eclipse is about to happen in St. Louis, MO.

Everything is wrapped around the fact that we are about to see something we have never personally seen in our lifetimes....well those of us who aren't too old.

So, please forgive me for being single minded today. Even the album cover is similar to the eclipse. Total blackness, a circle in the middle, and possible Satanic Possession.

Totally eclipse music right? What the eclipse represents is our willingness to experience something, that in many cases, has never been experienced.

Cardinals Folly
In my personal experience, yes, Cardinals Folly is there, but this album is something wholly different, while being familiar at the same time.

Like their previous release, this is some fuzzy, fuzzy doom metal. This time, they don't just check off the boxes, but they move around to see what's in their box of crayons.

Most doom metal bands aren't angry. They're morose. They're scared. Sometimes, they're even really stoned.

Deranged Pagan Sons walks that back a little bit. They throw in some seriously frothing anger, but not overtly. The aggression wanders just below the surface, like a doomed out submarine waiting to discharge its payload.

This album has a lot of here and there. The only constant is the vocals. Everything else walks around. Musically, this is a game of musical chairs that always seems to end in a draw.

You want tenor churchy vocals? What about dark growls? Riffs that could cut down a forest of redwoods? What about melodic solos?

Have you had too little blasphemy this weekend and you need to spruce it up?

Cardinals Folly has you covered and then some.

Release: 9/5/17
Genre: Doom Metal
Label: Nine Records (CD)/Topillo (LP)
Formats: LP/CD/Digital

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