Monday, June 3, 2019

1 UP with Justin Weiks of Burial Party

Burial Party
Before we get started. Can we talk about the term hoosier?

In St. Louis, MO, it's the insult of insults. You call a drunkard a hoosier in a South City bar with an old Budweiser sign on the front, and you're probably going to get punched in the noise.

But in Indiana, they're all about being hoosiers. It's very strange for me.

So, deep in a moment of hoosier styled existentialism, riffs were created and those birthed songs. Those songs will be on the 7" release, Please, Electric Move Slow.

This would be a good time to sample the wares HERE. Preorder this stuff on BANDCAMP.

Glacially Musical: My first system was a pong clone, the yellow and black Odyessey 300. What was your first Console?

My first system that my family ever owned was the Nintendo (NES).

GM: My stepdad was certain we'd destroy the TV playing Pong so we had to play it in secret, either when he was a sleep or when he was out of the house. Did you have to jump through any hoops to play games?

My older brother and I usually just had to fight my father to stop playing because he really enjoyed it then. Actually, truth be told, my father is still a video game junkie.

GM: What about hand held games? Is that something you ever got into?

My brother and I had a gameboy and a sega game gear. It was alright for the time. I don’t think either one of us got into hand held systems. 

As for today, I really enjoy the Nintendo switch. The switch has been something I have always dreamed of as a Nintendo fan. I love the system so much I have two. Having children of mine own now, I didn’t want them to wait to take turns so I bought one just for them so I can still game whenever I want. 


GM: The idea of not being able to play something drove me nuts, so I started playing games in their original Japanese. Did you ever get into imports?

I really can’t say I ever have. (Note: this is the normal answer. My personal gaming habits must have been abnormal.)

GM: What's your favorite sports game?

I was a huge fan of Mike Tyson’s Punch Out on the NES then naturally moved to Super Punch Out on the SNES. With the Wii’s release, I patiently waited for another Punch Out release. 

Now with the release of the NES classic, SNES classic and the switch, I have a chance to play them again. 

GM: Dragon Warrior got me hooked on turn based RPGs, something that's still happening. What's your favorite style of game and what was the first one you played?

Hands down, my favorite style of video games are turn based RPGs due to being a Dungeons and dragons nerd. Haha! 

The very first game I played was Super Mario RPG. That game changed my life because shortly after I discovered Final Fantasy. 

If it’s an RPG, I will play it. 

GM: Favorite system?

My favorite system still has to be the Nintendo SNES. I have the most memories with that system. 

The countless hours of watching my father play, the fighting with my brother, the sleepless nights, and the most memorable games of my childhood.

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