Friday, June 21, 2019

Taco Grande with Chaps of Hellnite

Mexican Thrashers Hellnite are getting ready to hit the road across Western Canada.

Look out Stampeders, here comes Hellnite.

Interestingly enough, Paolo took the band from Mexico City, Mexico and relocated them to Edmonton, AB.

That might be the strangest relocation story I've ever personally heard as a pretend journalist and as a fan. It's not uncommon to move your and somewhere more advantageous careerwise, but this one is a bit of a puzzler to me.

Especially considering the climate. Mexico City is a very clement place to live. It goes from 43 to 86. That's kind of like San Francisco.

But Edmonton is a hellish nightmare of a wintery deathland.

Anyway, check out these Mexican Ex-Pats as they crush across Canada. Pick up their latest album on AMAZON.

In the meantime, let's talk about Tacos.

1. Everybody loves Taco Tuesday, but what is the best time to eat tacos for you and how many tacos do you put back in a standard sitting. 

Well, the perfect time to eat TACOS is:

Everyday 24/7 you know, if you are hungry at any time of the day, the solution that you need is TACOS.

2. Describe your perfect taco plate.

Oh! The perfect taco plate is 3 of Suadero and 2 of Pastor with onion, cheese, and a Boing juice.

3. What is your beverage of choice when it comes to Mexican food?
I think it depends, for example:

First, we have flavor water like Melon Water, Watermelon Water, Lemon Water, Jamaica Water 
If there is no water we have juice, orange juice or Boing, it is a delicious juice in Mexico.

4. My personal favorite Mexican dish is Camaron a la Diabla. It's this extraordinarily hot shrimp dish. Comes with tacos, beans, and tortillas. What's yours?

My favorite perfect Mexican food is “Enchiladas” it is a tortilla with chicken inside, covered by spicy green or red sauce, onion and sour cream, accompanied with rice and beans.

5. Describe the feeling of regret you get after your carne asada arrives and you realize your belly is full of those delicious chips and salsa.

I don’t feel any regret because I never say no to a delicious carne asada, and chips with salsa are only the first plate.

I'm Mexican one of our skills is to have a strong stomach.

6. If you could only eat tacos, burritos, or chimichangas forever, which one and why?

I would choose the tacos because there are a lot of them and I will never get tired of them.

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