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Classic Spins with Ashen Horde

Ashen Horde
Have you noticed the style lately?

I've been putting out loads of these Classic Spins columns.

These column interviews are one of my favorite things to do because it's something where, with my meager amount of spare time to tend to Glacially Musical, I can keep introducing you the reader to new bands and hopefully talk about something you enjoy personally.

Apparently one thing out there that every musician seems to enjoy is music. Really, I mean, who knew honestly?

I thought they were all just sellouts looking for a big payday, but it appears they all have a passion for the art form and have been listening to it for their whole lives.

So, because of that, I'm often times doubling up on Classic Spins even though my particular MO is to only publish one of each column per week...making know..weekly columns.

So, if you're a band reading this and you're wondering where yours is, it's coming. You have my assurances, unless your answers were shorter than the questions...aka my biggest pet peeve.

Today we're hearing from Rockshots recording artists, Ashen Horde. The Californian duo has the countryside reeling from the release of their latest, Fallen Cathedrals.

In the meantime...let's get with the music

1. My favorite kind of album is the concept album. The Wall is my absolute favorite. Beyond the amazing songs, it has spectacular nostalgia for me. What's your favorite one and why?

I love concept albums--the fact that all three Ashen Horde full lengths are concept albums drives that statement home, haha. I'd have to say that Operation: Mindcrime is at the top of my list. 

The story is cool, and the songs are great. That may seem like an obvious statement, but I think sometimes bands get too bogged down in the story and forget to write good songs. As much as I love them, I'd say Dream Theater fell into that trap with "The Astonishing." Other favorites: Carach Angren's "Death Came Through a Phantom Ship," and "Music From the Elder" from Kiss. 

While I don't truly consider them concept albums, Helloween's "Keeper of the Seven Keys" records--even "The Legacy"--still kick my ass. 

2. My very first album was Live Evil by Black Sabbath. Since then I've had a strong affinity for the live record, even if they're a bit fake. KISS set the bar with Alive!. Surely, it was fake, but it's got the best concert feel of anyone.

Tell me about your favorite live record?

This one is so hard since there are so many great live records... Kiss's "Alive!" and "Alive II" get high marks for being the first live records I fell in love with, but there are others that have bypassed them for me. 

Scorpions' "Tokyo Tapes" is definitely up there--I think it's superior to "World Wide Live" in that it sounds better, both in terms of production and authenticity. 

"The Wildhearts Strike Back" and Backyard Babies' "Live Live in Paris" both give me chills as well.

3. There are a great number of records I've turned to for my moods. What do you listen to when you're angry? Sad?

I'll be honest--just about everything I listen to makes me happy, whether it's stoner rock, black metal or Brit rock. 

Thus, it doesn't seem to matter what mood I'm in when I put something on because I always end up in the same place! Of course, that doesn't mean I'm always in the mood for everything...

4. One of my friends laughs at me, routinely, for loving the Misfit Toys of albums by major bands. Lulu by Metallica and Lou Reed, Carnival of Souls by Kiss, Diabolous En Musica by Slayer, etc. 

What's the strange one that you love?

I seem to be a sucker for Misfits Toys albums! I'm actually listening to Ramones' "Animal Boy" as I write this, which I believe is often lambasted by fans and critics alike. 

As I mentioned above, I love "Music From the Elder." I'm not just talking about "the Oath," either, but the whole damn record... from "fanfare" to "I." Maybe it wasn't the best move for Kiss at that point, but the songwriting is great.

Another one that jumps out at me is Megadeth's "Risk." Admittedly, it probably shouldn't have been released under the Megadeth moniker, but the songs are killer. 

I may be crazy, but I put "Ecstasy" as high on my Megadeth list as "Mary Jane" or "Countdown to Extinction." Sure it's pop, but it works.

Honorable mention also goes to Helloween's "Chameleon." It's not all brilliant, but I feel like it's severely underrated.

5. It's almost fashionable to release live versions of albums or re-record the old ones. King Diamond is releasing a concert with Abigail front to back. Roger Waters has done The Wall twice. Which ones do you have in your collection?

I have mixed feelings about bands doing this since the new versions rarely live up to the old, but I appreciate the novelty. 

A couple I have enjoyed? Sonata Arctica's "Ecliptica" 15th-anniversary version was pretty cool. 

Megadeth did both "Rust in Peace" and "Countdown..." and they're pretty top notch. On the less metal side, Terrorvision's live "How to Make Friends and Influence People" is solid.

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