Monday, June 24, 2019

LP Review: Self titled by Wizard Rifle

Wizard Rifle
In this great big world full of legitimate problems, the one about to be detailed might just not even actually be one.

How in the world am I supposed to refer to a self titled album in the title of a review of said eponymous album?

Nearly 7 years into Glacially Musical, and I don't have a real clue.

This is really a great metaphor for Wizard Rifle's record.

It clocks in at about forty four minutes. That's nearly the perfect length for an album, and from there it gets a little bit weird. Like, there are only five tracks that make up that time. That's an average of over 8 minutes per song.

Even Metallica didn't do that on ...And Justice For All.

The only thing I can be certain of is the fact that this is metal...probably. Being as the band is from the Pacific Northwest, it surprises me very little to hear a bit of a Nirvana/Foo Fighters kind of vibe. (NOTE: Way early Foo before it was a band.... Kinda like Weenie Beenie.)

Kurt Cobain once described Nirvana as sounded like Black Sabbath after an assault by the Bay City Rollers. Wizard Rifle might just be Nirvana after an assault by High On Fire.


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