Friday, June 28, 2019

EP Review: "Dos" by Pinto Graham

Is there anything better than kicking back with a big spliff and spinning some stoner metal?

When you're a guy like me, you have to answer with a resounding....


So, maybe I'm not a stoner..actually I'm positively not a stoner, not there's anything wrong with it and I'm pleased to see a liberalization of our Marijuana Prohibition laws sweeping across the  nation.

But one of those things that stoners do ever so well is make art. At least 80% of my favorite artists have made some of their best work either about or under the influence of certain substances.

Great stoner/desert/psychedelic/whatever new tag is being used this weekend music has a swagger that's almost completely devoid in all other forms of music. It's like comparing Black Sabbath to Judas Priest...

Pinto Graham's Dos is a labyrinthine trip through a hallucination. No one really knows where that school bus is going or what these songs are about, but does that really matter?

What's most important about a song and the album is how it makes you feel. Dos gives me a feeling of abject freedom and strength. It doesn't reinvent the wheel, but neither does my spaghetti and they'll both give you aid and comfort in these troubled times.


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  1. Quick listen on Bandcamp makes me wish I had more time to get stoned & lay around on the porch with some listening to Pinto Graham & Blackberry Smoke & maybe even Black Keys with a 5th of Even Williams