Monday, June 10, 2019

LP Review: "Take The Stairs To Hell" by Cable

Take The Stairs To Hell
Welcome back old friend.

That's what I would be saying if Cable had ever been inside of my orbit, but don't let my ignorance deflate any of the joy you might be having at the New Englanders returning after a ten year absence.

It took no time at all for Cable to sink their hooks into me. (Pun intended.)

Throughout this record, they balance between sludge and extreme metal, but they never lose the songs.

Never is there an attempt to be the heaviest, the fastest, or the most technical. Honestly, there weren't even any guitar solos that stuck out in my mind.

What makes that exceptionally odd is that extreme metal is my favorite genre, first and foremost, because of the guitar solos. The whole group locks into an emotion and then they shake the buildings.

Heavy is good, fast is great, and kick ass guitar solos are the best, but none of those accolades will mean a single thing if the tracks aren't awesome.

If Cable's version of the underworld is accurate, I won't be taking the stairs to hell, but falling down them in order to get my ticket punched even faster.


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