Friday, June 21, 2019

LP Review: "Tomb of Doom" by Tar Pit

Tomb of Doom
Some days are for trying out new things, and some days, it's good to have the same old comforts.

Take Tar Pit for example.

This band, formed in 2014, was basically inactive until 2017, now here in 2019 we have their thunder drum of a debut.

Tar Pit has named themselves and their album in such a way that it's essentially impossible for the listener to get it wrong.

They are a doom metal band that's so full of sludge, just listening to the opening track will make you cough like a two pack a day smoker.

But it takes more than just an on the nose title and band name to get me interested. Songs that clock in around ten minutes certainly catches my attention as well.

Tomb of Doom is a perfect example of Doom Metal out of the Pacific Northwest. It's equal parts soft and heavy. Light and dark. It's as melodic as it is crushing.

They've taken the ten minute doom song to a new level. The band self released the album digitally, but now you can get this 5 track masterpiece on vinyl or cassette.

Don't miss it.


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