Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Pizza Pie Do or Die with Huelga's Michael Fonseca

Huelga and Fonseca
So, the Devil went down to Texas right?

Oh wait, that was Georgia and it was country music written by someone who politicizes tragedy. But for all the heat we in the world of metal take, you don't hear songs about the Devil went up to Scandinavia do you?

Today once again, we hear from Texas based single manned, multi insturmentalist, Michael Fonseca. 

As near as I can tell, he plays all of the instruments in the Texas based instrumental, progressive metal band Huelga.

And I'm not sure if we're supposed to pronounce that H or not...so if anyone could help me here.  There's something deliciously pretentious about having a solo act, but then giving it a band name.

While we're on the topic, check out their latest album and buy it on BANDCAMP. You'll be glad you did.

So let's talk pizza.

1. Pizza is the world's most perfect food. This is not up for debate. Please define pizza as based on your geographical location.

Texas doesn't really have a Texas style pizza.  But ever since the food truck explosion I have seen "Denver Style" "Pittsburgh Style" and I'm like Ok slow down there. 

All I need is thin hand tossed dough, regular sauce and cheese and I'm happy. (I'm intrigued by this Pittsburgh Style Pizza....)

2. It's going to get controversial now. Pineapple on Pizza. Why or why not?

The only way pineapple would be of any use would be in the following situation:  Everyone is at your house and it has become clear no one is leaving in the foreseeable future.  

That's when you order pizza with pineapple.  Not only will everyone leave, they will probably stop being your friend. 

And let's face it, if your friends can't take social cues, feed them pineapple pizza. 

3. For literally years, my family didn't order pizza from the take out places. We made Chef Boyardee boxed pizzas. After that, we only ordered St. Louis Style from Imo's. But finally in the LATE EIGHTIES, I had Domino's Pizza. Tell me your tale.

I grew up in the projects on food stamps. You can't buy prepared food with food stamps so the only time I would get pizza was the shitty french bread bullshit from the school cafeteria.

Every once in a while, there would be some school function with actual Pizza Hut or something. Oh, I also grew up in the Rio Grande Valley and we don't have "our take" on pizza nor do we have mom and pop pizza joints. 

Anyway, my life took a considerable turn for the best when my older cousin Joe from Houston moved in with my grandma. Not only did he introduce me to Metal, but he started working at Peter Piper Pizza. 

He would bring pizza home every now and again. Pizza and Metal? match made in heaven!

4. St. Louis Style Pizza is the perfect pizza, especially if you enjoy bragging about how much pizza you can eat, but when I'm out in other parts of the country, I seek out Chicago Style Pizza. What do you look for?

Thin New York Style.  That is probably because that's what Peter Piper Pizza is modeled after.

5. Pepperoni, started giving me heartburn. So I switched to green peppers or onions. What's your go to topping?

Pepperoni for sure but I love anchovies!  The magical thing about anchovies is that nobody likes them so that ensures that people keep they paws off your damn pizza.

6. What do you look for in pairing beer with your pie?

I like watery beer.  I don't want to think or notice the beer.  Pizza is what I want to concentrate on.  So under that description I would probably choose Lone Star or Miller Lite.

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  1. I love this guy's take on pizza! Honest, simple, straightforward. I share the "get your own pizza leave mine alone" frame of thought