Friday, June 14, 2019

LP Review: "God Has No Name" by Hex

God Has No Name
This record has been kicking around in my head for about a month now. I listened to it and thought, wow this is good.

Unfortunately it's getting harder for me to actually write reviews rather than my standard columns. So, it was finished and really, there was nothing I could say about this album apart from wow, it rocked.

There's just so much here. This is a big ol'fat record that's just crushing doom metal that wanders into the death metal pool from time to time.

God Has No Name is kind of like eating surf and turf...if you were eating the steak and lobster at the same time.

The vocals are always slow(ish). The rhythm section is always moving along at a fast clip. The drag created by the guitars and the vocals make for a satisfying feel. Then of course, when Hex just flat out goes straight doom, it's like trying to suck down a White Castle Milk Shake before you've let it melt a little bit.

God Has No Name isn't a technical metal masterpiece. There's no pretentious prog involved. It's not even as extreme as High On Fire.

It's just a sold album start to finish. By solid, I mean rock solid like, if it fell on your toes, you wouldn't be going skating for awhile, because in terms of quality, this is an excellent record.


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