Wednesday, June 26, 2019

LP Review: "Failure To Thrive" by Cazador

Failure To Thrive
After forming in 2015, Bostonian Sludge Doom Gloom Metal trio, Cazador, have released a single, and EP, and now they're preparing their full length debut.

Even though it's been a big topic, the season is over now and we're moving on.

On their EP, they have a song called Seppuku.

That alone is enough to get me to check out your newest and every subsequent record. Especially if you end up with a track called Fallen Diamyo....

Their latest release, Failure To Thrive is one of those releases that makes the most sense in context.

Were it available as such, this would be a perfect record to buy on vinyl because it's best heard front to back. In a world where many bands don't make albums anymore, this is a nice change of pace.

But it's not as much of an album as it is one giant song. The cover captures its essence ever so well. Imagine being bent over on a park bench because you just can't fight the injustice in the world anymore.

Failure To Thrive would be your soundtrack.

It's gloomy, thick, and angry. Cazador's debut LP doesn't fit neatly into any metal subgenre...which is how those terms came to exist anyway. Turn it on and prepare to take a ride.


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