Wednesday, June 12, 2019

LP Review: "Crown" by Axioma

In the past, a friend of mine asked me to lend my critical ear to his friend's nephew's band who was starting to gain some traction.

They were a very talented group, but their album lacked any identity. Instead of it being overly the same, it overly different.

That was what not to do in order to make your name.

Cleveland's Axioma didn't do that...well not exactly.

The amount of variety on this record is staggering, but there's nary a drop of who is this?

Axioma's debut album is a full on stamp of who they are as a band. What they stand for and the kind of music they make is apparently whatever they damned well feel like at that precise moment.

In order to do this well, one has to have a musical signature. There aren't any techniques here to make a stand behind, but when they dive in and out of nearly every single metal style, they it never sounds like they're someone else.

Axioma may still be settling on a style, or their style may be a complete and utter lack of a style. We can't know yet, due to the small sample size, but it's going to be interesting to see where they go from here.


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