Friday, March 21, 2014

"A Living Nightmare" by Demoraliser (Re-release)

All the way from Grimsby, UK, we have Demoraliser for your consideration.

With Century Media  having acquired Siege of Amida Records, some interesting music has arrived in this reviewer's inbox. In fact, you may have noticed that we are now up to three posts per week instead of the originally promised one, then the promised two. These companies will be the death of me!

As for our new friends, Demoraliser, they are an interesting kind of band. In the book Louder Than Hell: A Definitive Oral History of Heavy Metal, they  gave this kind of music a name, but for the life of me, I can't remember. (It was a fantastic book by the way. I read most of it on the beach in Bermuda last year.)

Metal in a parka and a flat bill cap?
This record was originally released on Oct 8, 2012, but with the aforementioned acquisition, here it is again for the listening pleasure of the world.

The vocals on this record are very strong. It's hard to look at that band right there on the right and figure out which one of them is growling this out. It's no only heavy, but I can understand nearly every word he is saying.

The drums are riffy and thick. There's a small augmentation with a giant bass thud like Machine Head used to do way back in the way back. There are no blast beats to speak of.

The bass guitar is thuddy and rhythmic. There are no standout moments, but certainly it gets the job done.

The guitars are appropriately heavy and thick. This is downtuned metal. What's missing here is guitar solos. There are a few melodic fills and arpeggios between vocal lines, but there aren't any face melting double hand tapped solos.

Release: 2/10/14 (Re-release date)
Genre: Metal
Label: Siege of Amida
Run time: 30:28
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1) Pretender
2) A Living Nightmare
3) Checkmate
4) The House Always Wins
5) Early Years
6) Eye To Eye
7) Mother's Ruin
8) Reap What You Sow
9) Blind Sighted
10) Blood Meridian

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