Monday, March 17, 2014

"Enlightening The Unknown" by Insain


This band from France has announced that it was releasing it's EP and then broke up. There have been significant issues, including the original drummer losing his life after a long battle with his injuries that resulted from a violent car crash.

There were member changes and add all of that with the fact that Insain was literally the second act to be signed to Kaotoxin Records, the French Death metal label.

In the end though, the listening public gets one more listen, if not one more view of the band with their swansong EP, Enlightening The Unknown.

Very metal and very French.
This extended play is likely the most brutal thing I have heard in 2014.

If you are looking for something that will begin in an easier vein or in a more subtle place, please keep moving, because Insain's latest will kick you square in the face, and then laugh at you whilst you wriggle on the ground.

This record is about the heaviest thing I have ever heard that was also played at about the speed of smell.

There are often two dueling vocals both trying to be louder than the other one. One is more screeching and the other is more growls. It creates a timbre of instability.

The drums are thick and heavy. One has to presume the drummer has some serious striations on his quads. The blast beasts only stop during the breakdowns. The interlocking of this band is truly a wonder to behold. They stop on dimes and pick back up on nickels.

The lead guitars are masterful clinics of head cutting. Aside from the Yngwie level shredding, there are melody lines that play off the drums and vocals to create an eerie vibe that keep this album slightly uncomfortable and in the end, seriously brutal death metal isn't supposed to make anybody feel comfortable and it's should scare the unwelcome.

This album does both.

Release: 3/11/14
Genre: Metal, Death Metal
Run time: 24:30
Label: Kaotoxin
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Track List:
1. Abyssum Invocatis
2. Absorbing
3. The faceless one
4. Beyond stellar remnants
5. The scourge
6. Enlightening the unknown
7. Apex

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