Wednesday, March 5, 2014

"Boneset" by Diane Cluck

Are you familiar with Diane Cluck?

I am not and it really seems like that I should be. In my family, one side of it anyway, there's someone who really loves the singer/songwriters like this, or the Storytellers if you will.

Raised in Lancaster, PA she now resides in Virginia. Her music is described as neo-folk, but she calls it intuitive folk. She plays the guitar, the piano, and the mighty glockenspiel on this record.

She also sings, naturally. This record is composed of songs that had all been written for a very long time, and she finally got into the studio to record them, which she did in chronological order. She described it as dark, then light, and then dark again.

Do you see what I'm going for here?
What's readily apparent in her music is, for the most part, a complete lack of percussion. Six of the eight tracks do not have percussion. Her voice provides the melody and the guitar, piano, etc provide the rhythm.

Her voice is haunting. She has many different crossroads that make up her timbre. She reminds me most of Phil Ochs, but their styles of guitar playing are nothing similar at all.

The sparse musical accompaniment and the emotive and sometimes pained vocals all add up to an interesting listen. The pictures she paints are lush and vibrant, even as she uses limited paints to make them.

Her voice has that slight warble that many other folk singers of previous eras, like Jewel, also incorporated into their style. Fans of Jewel, Joni Mitchell, Dar Williams, etc will find a lot to love on this short record.

Release: 3/4/14
Genre: Folk
Label: DIY
Run time: 22:02

1) Maybe A Bird
2) Content To Reform
3) Draw Me Out
4) Not Afraid To Be Kind
5) Why Feel Alone
6) Trophies
7) Heartloose
8) Sara

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