Wednesday, March 26, 2014

"Get Pure" by Mount Carmel

Mount Carmel is new to my ears, but I heard the buzz they were getting about their new album and frankly, I am really glad and grateful to have the opportunity to review this record.

What I know about these boys is pretty basic. They hail from Columbus, OH. If they're Crew or Blue Jackets fans, that's an unknown, but a known unknown.

"Get Pure" is their third record.

See? I really don't know much about these guys at all and the vast majority of the unknowns are unknown unknowns, but after listening to the record, there were a few things learned. They play a simple, blues based rock'n'roll that's long been missing in the world of rock and they really do know how to rock.

You may have noticed the hats.
"Get Pure" takes off very quickly and it never really lets up. The vast majority of this record is down and dirty blues-rock.

They play more articulately than many of their label mates. Their sound is full and rich. They certainly make the most out of each and every member of this power trio.

As with all music in this vein, the guitars are right out front and thankfully they sound spectacular. This isn't an overly processed sound. This is an overdriven guitar going right on tape and it sounds perfect. The tone on this is absolutely dialed in for the songs, the band, and the genre.

The rhythm section holds down the fort admirably. When the guitar goes off into a solo, they keep the together.

Mount Carmel didn't invent the wheel with this disc, but they did put a whitewall on it.

Release: 3/25/14
Genre: Rock, Blues Rock
Run time: 35:38
Label: Alive Naturalsound
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Track list:
1. Gold
2. Back On It
3. Whisper
4. Not Pot  To Piss
5. Swallow Me Up
6. Bridge To Nowhere
7. One More Morning
8. Will I
9. Hangin' On
10. Fear me Now
11. Yeah You Mama

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