Friday, May 16, 2014

"Back to the Camper" by Bob Wayne

Would you believe that for the first time at Glacially Musical we are reviewing a country record?

Well, I assure you that it's a fact.

However, Bob Wayne doesn't identify as a country music singer. I think this might be why.... It's really hard to blame anyone for not wanting to be associated with that absolute claptrap.

Bob Wayne, the Renegade Carnie, considers himself to be an amalgamation of all sorts of musical styles, metal, rock, punk, and yes country, but to me this is a country record through and through.

I would imagine that this would give some people pause, but this is more Johnny Cash, George Jones, and Hank Senior than Blake Shelton, Carrie Underwood, or Taylor Swift.

If you ask me, Bob Wayne was sent to us on the direction of Johnny Cash to save country music for people who actually enjoy music.

Bob's vocal styling is gritty, bluesy, and not at all twangy. I've been turned off of a lot of traditional country music due to the twanginess of the singers.

Thankfully Bob doesn't try to sound like a million other singers, but instead takes JC's tact, baritone and honest.

Instead of singing about how fly his truck is, or how he likes to drink beer out of red solo cups, Bob tells stories.

Country music, like blues, was built around telling stories through song, much like blues, often time sad stories, stories of warning, etc. Bob has all of that in spades.

The music is a great mishmash of what country music used to be before it became a redneck fashion show. Violins, harmonicas, pedal steel guitar, acoustic guitars, and chicken pickin' solos.

Beyond ghost stories and tales of fighting the devil, there are also sweet and sensitive duets sung with a female singer and it's just glorious. If you wondered where country went, the Renegade Carnie stole it from the rich and he's giving it back to the poor, Robin Hood Style.

Release: 4/21/14
Genre: Country, Outlaw Country
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Track list:
1. Sam Tucker
2. 20 Miles to Juarez
3. The River
4. Til I Die
5. Dope Train
6. Evangeline
7. Hillbilly Heaven
8. Granuaile
9. Showdown
10. I Just Got Out
11. Violent Side of Me
12. Revelation

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