Monday, May 12, 2014

"Cursed Redeemer" by Miasmal

 For our consideration today,  here is the latest release from Gothenburg, Sweden, Miasmal.

Formed in 2007, they recorded their first demo in 2008, released their debut EP in 2010, and their debut LP in 2011.

Cursed Redeemer is their sophomore album and their first for Century Media.

Miasmal lives in old school death metal.

Upon first listen it's not entirely apparent that they are not from Tampa Bay.

Their sound, their feel, and their anger are very reminiscent of old school, Florida styled death metal.

Old school metal by dudes that look like 1975.
The easiest thing to notice is the vocals, as is the case with most death metal.

They are growly and sound like there's a bit of glass in the singer's throat, but he still pronounces words
and not just grunts and gargles.

The drums thankfully lack the over the top and in your face snare sound of classic TB bands.

The beats are blasting and gallop along as do the rhythm guitars.

The songs contain the requisite breakdowns to go along with the monolithic guitar tone. This is another band that does not seek to be the heaviest band in the world. More often than not, bands that drop the tuning down too low become muddy and indecipherable.

The guitars and bass are classic American death metal, but imported from Sweden. There is a lot for fans of Deicide and Morbid Angel to find. If you think that Deicide is a bit too simplistic and Morbid Angel a bit too thudderific on the snare, then Miasmal might just be the band you've been looking for.

Release: 5/13/14
Genre: Metal, Death Metal
Label: Century Media
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Track list:
1. Cursed Redeemer
2. Call of the Revenant
3. Whisky Train
4. Excelsior
5. A Veiled Remembrance
6. Until The Last
7. Frozen In Time
8. 2013

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